Calneage practice 40k Tuesday 16th September 2014? 1000pts

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Calneage practice 40k Tuesday 16th September 2014? 1000pts

Post by caesar2_slattery » Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:13 pm

See you all about 7.15pm Tuesday 16th September,
If anyone would like a 1000pts (or any multiple of 500pts) game of 40k 7th edition game Tuesday 16th September then even better ;)

I'll bring probably Eldar in case (whatever figures have fitted into my KR case!)
(or just maybe Orks ("Speed Freeks" style, but re-learning standard Codex Orks from 2014))

Caesar (or email )
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Comming soon is "Calneage" 40k "Combat Patrol" doubles 500pts+500pts tournament on Saturday 27th September 2014 at Calne in Wiltshire, SN11 0EB
Calne loaned us some of their Scenics for one or two of our previous "ASMOH" tournaments (I brought some of my own Orks etc Scenics too)
(+1 Tournament Point bonus if you email your Army List on/before Midnight on Friday 16th September 2014 !) ;)

Calneage 2014 40k Combat Patrol doubles 500pts+500pts rule pack and FAQ
are on Facebook for "Calne Gaming Club" : ... 879909361/ ... 5965893619
Only £18 per team of two people (covers hall and tables hire etc)

500pts per person in your Doubles team, 40k "Combat Patrol" scouting army :
only Vehicles with armour ADR=33 or less (Front+Side+Rear, so Rhino 11+11+10 and Chimera 12+10+10 are OK, Necrons 11+11+11 are OK but do NOT get "Quantum Shielding")
No models with more than 2 wounds
No models with save=2+
No Ordnance weapons
No Special Characters and no Unique characters and no Unique items (so no "Chapter Relics") - this is a Scouting patrol army so Chapter Masters etc are needed elsewhere
0-1 Flyer or Flying Monstrous Creature per Doubles team of two people
0-1 Quad-gun or 0-1 Icarus Lascannon but NO "Fortifications" and NO "Lords of War"

More details are on Facebook ... 879909361/ ... 5965893619
(or email )


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