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Rules Sets

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:12 pm
by Chilledenuff
A list of rulesets:

Warhammer ECW: Basically 4th edition warhammer (Empire/Dogs of War) without fantasy elements. Probably the least abstract of the rulesets and as it's Warhammer it's something we are all familier with

Pike & Shotte: Think Warmaster, but less competitive. Probably my favourite (without having played any yet!) Rules are written in a style that appeals to me and also in plain English. Designed to be fun rather than Rules Lawyer friendly.

Field of Glory: Renaissance: DBA on steroids. The books are beautiful to look at but painful to read. I expect the game to play better than it reads. This is your tournament players game.

Re: Rules Sets

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:40 pm
by Spurious
Victory Without Quater
Free rules set specifically for the ECW. Interesting card based turn mechanics and what look like some neat period-feel rules regarding shooting and damage to units (no stand removal). Lots of fog of war type fun such as potentially variable useless subbordinates and things that can happen during the battle (for example; the commander of a unit trying to change sides with varying results). No army lists or points system.

Basic (Impetus) Baroque
Another short, free rules set, though not ECW specific. In the model of DBA but with a bit more character. No stand removal, army lists as a select block of units (typically 7) with a few swap out options. Short play time, units wear down their fighting ability as well as morale with damage through disordering.

Re: Rules Sets

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 5:34 pm
by sid
A very good rule set is 1644. It does not divide cavalry into trotters and gallopers however all units get a melee and shooting factor of 1 - 5 so there is plenty of room to differentiate between good and bad cavalry. What it does do is allow cavalry to fight in ranks over time. So for example turn 1 front rank only. Turn 2 if another regiment/troop charges into the rear of a friendly cavalry unit engaged to its front you get 2 ranks fighting, turn 3 a third rank can charge in etc etc.

We like that here as you actually deploy your cavalry in multiple ranks. The rules give an army list section but for cavalry as a house rule we allowed a maximum number divided into as many troops as you like. In the army list mounted troops are similar in cost to foot so you can field loads.

The rules also allow for cavalry to launch supporting charges rather than just stand there watching as the bad guys hit their friends in the flank. There is even a nice campaign system in the back.

Very straightforward fun rules well written in a glossy colour rule book by Rick Priestly, worth a look.