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Re: 'Official' Necromunda 27th September

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:38 am
by Latedave
The General wrote:Vot is dis voorbanz fing off vich yu speek??

Ze Van Saar haff no interest in such primitiff gamez....

Come over to ze technologica - zat ist much mor fun, ja?

"And yes, count me in for the OFFICIAL Necromunda round on the 29th"


27th Fergus!

Couple more edits chaps, bottle rules will be taken as normally, you gain 1D6 exp for any ganger/leader/heavy who recovers a crate (if only because they're lavished with praise by everyone else) as well as the usual bonus for winning/ fighting a higher gang and any ganger carrying two crates may not charge (although he can defend himself in hand to hand with the -1 WS).

Usual rule for any new gangs, you're immune to death/ captured results for your first game.

Re: 'Official' Necromunda 27th September

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:27 am
by Latedave
2D6 chart for loot, the Necromunda one is a bit dull but let me know if you think its OP/underpowered. Thought this would give people plenty of incentive!

11 – Boss I think I triggered something… gas pours out from a booby trap mechanism, for the next game only your fighter suffers from either stupidity or frenzy randomly determined at the start of the game. Ammo and spare parts are salvaged for 10 creds
11-13 – Not a lot in here… A rare error by the adeptus mechanicus means that this crate only contains spare ammunition clips, for the next game ignore your first ammo roll (stacks with workshop)
14-16 – Guess we can flog some of it… its poor quality gear but your heavy is confident he can jury rig it enough to sell it to a few desperate juves, salvage 15 creds.
21-22 Close combat weapons, roll again 1-2 club, 3-4 flail, 5 massive sword, 6 Chainsword
23 – 24 Pistol schematics and parts, roll again, 1-2 stub pistol, 3-4 autopistol, 5 laspistol, 6 bolt pistol
25-26 Rifle schematics and parts, roll again, 1-2 shotgun, 3-4 autogun, 5 lasgun, 6 Boltgun
31-32 Cash! You find a stash of 30 creds
33-34 Cash! You find a stash of 35 creds
35-36 Cash! You find a stash of 40 creds
41-42 Oooh boss something fancy for your gun 1-2 Infra sight, 3-4 telescopic sight, 5 Mono sight, 6 Red dot laser sight
43-44 Grenades! 1 Frag, 2 Krak, 3-4 Photon, 5 Scare, 6 Hallucigenic
45-46 Err new limbs anyone? 1-4 Bionic Eye 5 Arm 6 Leg
51-56 Imperial guard armour crate, 1-3 Flak, 4-5 mesh, 6 Carapace
61-62 Shiny accessories , 1 Concealed blade 2 Grapnel, 3 Infra goggles, 4 Isotopic fuel rod, 5 Bio-scanner, 6 Medi Pack
63-65 Cor I can barely lift it! Roll again 1-3 Flamer, 4 Heavy Stubber, 5 Heavy Bolter, 6 Auto repairer!
66 I ain’t seen nuffink like it boss! 1 Power Maul, 2 Power Sword,3-4 power Axe,,5 One in a million Weapon, 6 Needle Pistol

Re: 'Official' Necromunda 27th September

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:23 pm
by chaosworshipper
Btw I am up for this, in case you didn't realise!

Re: 'Official' Necromunda 27th September

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:28 pm
by infernal caretaker
The Steamfitters Guild will be attending the Scavenger Hunt... ¬¬