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Re: Choice of Gang

Post by Latedave » Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:27 pm

The General wrote:Hi O Lordly GM

Van Saars it is then.... (*sniff!*) ======= please send me an invite and I'll get the gang sorted for ce soir.

The ability of the enforcers to jump in and out of the game (which for us ffolkes who have to travel 30 miles each way for an SMS meet pretty much suits our attendance!!!) was a bonus - I had to drop from Grimdark because work killed me - the loss of an enforcer team to the map would have little impact...

Will try my best to go the distance this time round!!


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Hah, yeah sorry. There are some pretty cool custom rules someones made up for enforcers which we could maybe try once things are bedded down if works proving difficult.

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Re: Choice of Gang

Post by Astryd » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:46 pm

Just a brief notification...

Due to my models STILL not arriving from Reaper USA (now been 5 weeks and counting :cry: ) I've decided to change my gang theme so I can just get on with things...

As I've not yet played a single game, I'm assuming this won't be a problem...? :think:

I already had some infinity / chronoscape / hasslefree models lying around unbuilt, so I've assembled those and I'm going with a Chinese-themed Escher gang called 'Sisterhood of the Jade Blossom'. Yakromunda has been updated to reflect this.

The Sisterhood of the Jade Blossom is so named for a precious rare flower the likes of which is seldom seen in the Underhive.

The Sisterhood harvest the pollen from this flower to synthesise a powerful narcotic, highly prized for making the burden of mating with their weak and dribbling menfolk somewhat more tolerable... whilst the petals are boiled to produce a brilliant emerald dye used in all gang tattoos.


I'm looking forward to finally getting started soon :D

(of course now I've done this, the Reaper models will probably arrive tomorrow... :doh: )

p.s. I hope I'm remembering correctly that Escher Men are weak and kinda... lacking a bit in terms of functional genes... hence the reason the Women fight... right? :)
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Re: Choice of Gang

Post by Latedave » Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:30 am

That looks just like my tattoo...

Yep, thats pretty much right, I think it was games workshop's attempt to instill some gender balance in their game! Cool looking like we've got some nice fluff added as well what with Les' beautiful future as well.

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Re: Choice of Gang

Post by Quelf » Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:29 pm

I added fluff to my gang but, only on yakromunda. honestly didnt think to post here...

"Kara Swole was once a member of an inquisitorial warband (lead by an inquisitor the inquisition had deemed 'rouge') that had many a dangerous exploit, some of which almost killed her. Ever the survivor, 'Kaz' served the inquisitor up untill his 'apparent' death which some beleive was a ploy to throw off potential pursuit.

After her former warband went their seperate ways Kara wandered the stars and found her self drawn to Necromunda and in turn to Hive Primus. Seing the underhive as a good as place as any too think about her future, she settled there and began to frequent the local drinking pit which was part of house Escher territory.

One especially contemplative evening, Kara was sat at her usual table swilling her drink around in its glass when a hail of gunfire meant for the Escher gang debating loudly outside burst through the window and cut down the bar owner. Her then thought redundant gun fighting instincts kicked in, having her throw herself against the wall next to the window and reaching for a hip holstered pistol that had'nt been there for months.

Since she'd gotten next to the window, the Escher gang had answered the hail of bullets and shells with one of their own. The following exchanges of gunfire turned into a furious storm of fire. Seconds later, the gang leader took an almost certainly fatal hit in the stomach and went down with an uncerimonious thud right outside the main door. Being annoyed by the interruption of her contemplations, Kara slid under the window and over to the door.
Taking a moment to collect herself, she settled into a squatting position and opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door heavy rounds bit into the doorway spraying fragments of wood and shards of corrugated metal into the door. Taking a deep breath, Kara swung out and grabbed the Escher gang's leader under the arms dragging her inside and slammed the door closed.

Before Kara could check the woman's condition, she was spattered with blood from the wounded woman coughing in a pathetic attempt to clear her lungs of fluid. Wiping her face, kara checked the womans stomach wound. It was clear from the blood filled hole that there would soon me one less living person in the room.

Before she could do anything else, Kara was grabbed by the arm and pulled down so she was faced with the grmicing features of the person she had hoped to save.
"Save my girls" coughed the woman reaching to her shoulder to unsling a well maintained looking boltgun and handing it to Kara. Once Kara had accepted the weapon, the dying woman unclipped a bandolier of magazines. She weakly motioned to hand the ammo belt to kara but, instead convulsed as she went into a massive coughing fit and went limp, dropping the magazines into Kara's lap.

Kara had hoped the death and killing would stop now that she was no longer in the service of an inquisitor but, fate seemed to have other ideas. "Fine" Kara sighed. She checked the boltguns magazine to find that it's previous owner had'nt even had the chance to defend herself before being cut down. Slamming the full magazine back into place, she pulled back the loading pin, slung the bandolier over her shoulder and angrily kicked the closed door clean off its hinges....

As to the details after stepping into the gunfight,
Kara refuses to divuldge them. It's safe to say she saved most of the house Escher gang and quickly became the gangs leader. Kara has since sworn to find the former leader's murderer and repay the favour for dragging her back into the life she sought to leave behind. Emperor help the murderer should Kara find them..."


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