Warriors of Tzeentch Ride South.....

The Autumn Winter 2011 club campaign
WFB, 200 points
Starts Tuesday 5 July 2011
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Warriors of Tzeentch Ride South.....

Post by Rendorin » Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:30 pm

Find here the musings of Rendorin Untumei’s Chaos Warband and their adventures, as they set forth on their forthcoming campaign, to bring the glory of Tzeentch to the heathen men and other races of the south. :twisted:

Initial War band Setup:
5 WoC, w/shield, hand weapon and Mark of Tzeentch
1 Chosen, w/shield, halberd and unmarked
2 Chaos Knights, unmarked

Tales of their adventures will be recorded here for posterity.........

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Re: Warriors of Tzeentch Ride South.....

Post by Latedave » Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:05 pm

'We shall ride you underfoot Sir! Won't we Sir Robin... Sir Robin?'

'He's b******d off Sir'

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Re: Warriors of Tzeentch Ride South.....

Post by Chilledenuff » Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:40 pm

I'm afraid you chosen diety has no honour. In the name of the Great Gorira my warband has pledged to hunt down these scum and offer thier skulls to the one true power :twisted:
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Re: Warriors of Tzeentch Ride South.....

Post by Rendorin » Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:36 pm

List as shown above (using Rab’s format for battle reports)

First game.
Up against Rab’s Wood Elves. The warband was being consistently annoyed by numerous wasp stings, nothing serious or to be concerned with. Rendorin’s troops were beginning to slowly wade through the protective line, with minimal losses, until a red mist (obviously an attempt from Khorne) descended like frenzy upon my Chaos Knights who decided to charge head-long into the woods. Both had to undergo 2 dangerous terrain tests, result 2 ones, no amount of armour would save them from the inevitable death for falling from Tzeentch’s favour.....(Loss).

Second Game
Up against Paul’s Dawi. Fresh from their defeat against a shooty army, expectations were for much the same. However, Tzeentch’s favour stayed strong and both Knights and Warriors made short work of the stunted foe. Most notable achievement was seeing a Dwarf outrun a Chaos warrior from combat (that famous double 1 showed its head again!) The only army that I think has models with as good armour as the Chaos Warriors. Just don’t tell Khorne about the skulls now adorning my tent.....(Win).

Third Game
Final game of the evening was against Poi’s skaven slave hoard. Once more my Chaos Knights failed to live up to their points cost, having been charged by a unit of slaves they were both killed within 2 rounds of combat (a bit of a theme was developing with anything but a 1 needed to make an armour save I found both 1’s). However, Tzeentch maintained faith with the remainder of the warband ensuring the Warriors and single chosen routed both the other skaven slave unit along with the packmaster and abomination of the underworld a rat ogre. This resulted in a required break test which the skaven duly obliged in failing and were last seen scurrying back down the hole from which they had been enticed from............(Win).

2wins 1 loss. Key lesson learnt being don’t let knights charge into woods.



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