The Quest For the Grail

The Autumn Winter 2011 club campaign
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Starts Tuesday 5 July 2011
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Re: Bretonnians Ride Forth to Camelot!

Post by Latedave » Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:53 am

Just don't bring the dwellers below and I'll be happy, there's only so much a trebuchet squishing pointy elves can compensate for!

Ancient Muppet
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Re: Bretonnians Ride Forth to Camelot!

Post by Latedave » Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:12 pm

King Arthur and his Knights regroup at Camelot...

'So Sir Robin the not-so-brave, talk me through the glorious events of the day' uttered forth King Arthur,

Sir Robin spake thus,

'Well my Lord, in our ongoing quest for the grail we came first across a group of Chaos warriors, I immediately chose to drop to my knees and pray'.
'Ahh yes our precious ward, your strategy was wise Sir Robin'
'Yes the ward...of course the ward was useful as well My Lord, I immediately requested yourself to engage them in a noble sacrifice whilst Sir Lancelot refused my commands of a careful tactical approach moving slowly backwards.'
'Ah yes my sacrifice, I trust it wasn't in vain'
'Yes my Lord, you did unfortunately fail to injure a single knight, indeed they smited you much as one might a fly'
'But we carried the day did we not?'
'Sadly my Lord, whilst Sir Lancelot dispatched one of the knights swiftly he was also swatted and there was an unfortunate armour soiling moment on my part, I thought it best to retreat and change my armour'.

'Disaster Brave Sir Robin, but surely we wrested the grail from the Elves?'
'Again my Lord whilst this time you were indeed impressive in not being smited you were also sadly lacking on the stabbing and the hacking front. Whilst distracted by your magnificent meanderings across the field the Elves slipped by us. I unfortunately was engaged in another armour soiling incident when one of the Elves had the audacity to swipe Sir Lancelot from the saddle... again'.
'Well surely tales of our heroism and valour will reverberate around the halls of Camelot Brave Sir Robin'
'Possibly my Lord, however, we did smite only a single foe and upon closer inspection it looks like he may of fallen off in shock at Lancelots lance making contact.'

'You have fought valiantly and well Brave Sir Robin, however, the quest for the grail means there must be no mercy... it is time for... the killer rabbit'.
'Are you absolutely positive my Lord, it will mean getting him out of his hutch?'

To be continued...


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