WAAAAAGH!!! DruggNutz!!!

After the success of the WFB event, January 2011 will see the start of a similar event for 40k.
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WAAAAAGH!!! DruggNutz!!!

Post by infernal caretaker » Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:50 pm

In the theme of sortin' out gubbinz...

Here be my 500pt Mekboy themed 'Dreadmob' list, using the Forge World Kastorel Novem Army List...

i have decided to go for an entirely random list, using models i have kicking about, acquiring a couple of bits, and making EVERY UNIT UNIQUE. there will be no duplicates in this army, i don't care how they perform in the Battle Path, i am going to build this army so i enjoy modeling and painting it :D

These Orks will be a combination of my Favourite Goff Orks, with a bit of Deffskull Loota thrown in for good measure, so lots of chequered patterns, and lots of 'liberated', sorry, LOOTED teknologee...

With any luck, i will be converting every unit in some way as i build it, and i will post up the unit photos with a little bit of background fluff...

But enough waffle!!!

onto the first part of the army list, 500pts of gubbinz!!!


Big Mek Drugoff
Kustom Force Field
Cybork Body
Power Klaw

10 Spanna Boyz
Grot Oila
Reinforced Ram
Stikkbomb Chukka
Red Paint Job

Mekboy Junka with Deffrolla
Stikkbomb Chukka
Red Paint Job
3 Twin Linked Big Shootas

3 Killa Kans
3 Grotzookas (scrapguns)

500pts on the nose 8-)

Mek's have always been my favourite since way back in 2nd edition, so this list allows me to express my Orky Know-wots with mekboyz running amok!

The idea behind the list is that the Mek is running around the debris of a battlefield, with his 'bodyguard' of Spanna boyz 'inspekturs', hunting out valuable scrap to take back to Da Wurkshop and bodge into something shiny...

Obviously, no Mek goes anywhere without the ability to make a speedy exit, or some 'protekshun' for himself, should ownership of a prize piece of skrap come to violence...

Thus, the Junka and the Kans have been included, the Junka, because its an awesome piece of random orky kit (on a 1 it immobilises itself, on any other result it counts as fast!) and the kans because, well, it is a Dreadmob list!!!

both the skraptrukk and the Junka come with a certain amount of gubbinz for free;

The trukk comes with armour plates, a grabbin klaw and grot riggas for free, but loses its 'fast' ability...

The junka comes with a a deffrolla for free, as well as riggas and the 'turbo charga'

The Spanna boyz do not have the options for heavy weapons, cannot be larger than 20 models, and have the option of a mek instead of a nob, who has the same stats as a normal boy, but can take an oila, better mek weapons and comes with mek's tools... the Spanna boyz are also 1+ in the list and i have some really kunnin ideas for converting them from the AOBR orks i think i still have a few of somewhere...

Whadda we think Ladz?

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infernal caretaker
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Re: WAAAAAGH!!! DruggNutz!!!

Post by infernal caretaker » Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:46 am


2 games down...

1 Win...

1 Loss...

Goytsnik the Grot, responsible for the infamous destruction of one of his squad-mates killa kans, has been given a 3 month ban... thou shalt not shoot your own side and roll better armour penetration than you do against the enemy, whose armour facing is less than yours!!!

Pesky grot!

Other than that, two really fun games, i got to deffrolla some of Dan's Daemons, and my spanna boyz managed to steal the metal gubbinz from around Skulltaker's neck before they booted him back to the warp...

Typical lootas!

Only a couple of changes have been made since i first wrote the list up here...

Added a Grot oila to the Mek in the Spanna Boyz Squad,

Removed the Red Paint Job from the Trukk (it isn't fast, and i've modelled it ridiculously ramshackle!!!)

Changed out one of the Twin Big Shootas on the Junka for Twin Rokkits (it looks cool, and i had run out of big shootas!!!)

Second game was somewhat hilarious, as my boyz bailed from the pile of skrap that used to be their trukk, and charged the 5 blood claws with their battle leader...

There was somewhat of a rubber ball effect... oops!!!

This was followed by the destruction of the Junka, by the dreadnought, which was promptly destroyed by the killa kans, after they blasted their komrade out of the way...

Then came the Krak Grenade pain!!!

Was very well played by Phil, we'll have to watch him... :think:

I will endeavour to get some pictures up here in the next few weeks, as i (hopefully!) get this lot painted!!!
~Deus Ex Machina~
~For Ferrus Mannus, and the Omnissiah!~
Rule #14:
~Thou Shalt Not Install A Fridge In Thy Rhino To 'Cool Down' Thy Plasma Guns...~


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