Time War Shenanigans

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Time War Shenanigans

Post by Chilledenuff » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:24 pm

As I discussed on Facebook yesterday evening I'm going to put together a Dalek force for 8th edition, using Necron rules

Here are my musings at the moment:

Davros (Anrakyr the traveller) 167 points

New paradigm Supreme Dalek (White) as a Necron Lord with Staff of Light & Resurrection orb 108

5 new paradigm (blue) Strategist Daleks as triarch Praetorians armed with Rods of covenant 175 points

10 Time War Daleks as immortals 170 points

10 new paradigm Drone Daleks (red) as warriors 120 points

5 new paradigm Strategist Daleks (blue on flying bases) as destroyers 315 points

2 siege Daleks (on flying bases) as heavy destroyers 150 points

Sub total for above.. 1205 points

Flying saucer as a Monolith 381 points
or Flying Saucer as an Obelisk 426 points
or Flying Saucer as a Tesseract Vault 496 points (I prefer this fluff wise for the damage it can do, Dalek Saucers being a bit potent!)

This gives me the following points totals (dependant of Saucer Variant) 1586, 1631, 1701

I also have 2 new paradigm (orange) Scientist Daleks and one (Yellow) Eternal as well as about 50 other New Paridigm daleks that aren't painted . I'm tempted to use the Eternal as a Canoptek Sypder with Particle Beamers and the Scientist Daleks as Deathmarks (i'll need to paint up another 3 to make a unit of 5). This gives me another 96 points for the Spyder and 100 for the Deathmarks... Rattling towards 2000 points!

This leads to the biggest departure for the Dalek force. The addition of their nemesis 'The Oncoming Storm' or 'The Destroyer of Worlds' (better known to the Human Race as 'The Doctor') as a C'tan shard of the Nightbringer at 230 points or shard of the Deceiver at 225 points.. I'm not really sure which best depicts the Doctor. He's clearly destroyed an absolute f@@@ton of Daleks but he's not that much of a Warrior all told (Unless he is in his war Doctor incarnation) whereas a shard of the Deceiver? Fluff works for this. I'll muse

This means I can put together painted (without adding the Deathmarks) 2027 points. If I drop the Resurrection orb, that becomes 1992 points. Not too shabby. Is it playable? No idea, i'm 2 editions of 40k out so it's best guess at the moment. I might ask around the forums to find out :D
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