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Post by Chilledenuff » Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:42 pm

On Saturday my good friend Carl and I ran some 7tv and 7ombie TV demos at The Bastion's open day. Here are some pictures and stuff:

Here's Carl, his cup of tea and our setup at 9.45am (gave us 15 minutes to mooch around a talk hobby with others there)

I was running Fiddlers green on this board:

using my Solomon and King cast:

I got these guys painted last week to use as Mrs King and her partners in crime:

Carl was running my homegrown 7ombie TV game, Terror aboard the Chilledenuff:

The astronauts and Ragers got photographed in one shot.. then my inability to turn the Flash off decided to ruin the picture:

Upon the doors opening people came through the doors, steady all day but never overly crowded. Plenty of frothing about the rules system by us, and plenty of demos 5 or 6 of each system from memory. The whole idea of the open day was to introduce Bastion members to games other than 40k.. I guess also to add members to their club.
I completely neglected to photograph my games but took a couple of photos of Carl teaching people the wonders of 7ombie TV:

6 hours after the doors open it was packing up time. Definitely lots of interest shown and copious amounts of tea drunk (I know Helena and Carl will approve of the tea drinking). More importantly lots of fun playing Action Engine games and chinwagging about it too.

My advise to anyone planning the same.. be prepared for the weight of a bag containing all the Crooked Dice books:

Its heavy!
Smile! It's not that bad!
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