Bracknell BFG 40k "Escalation" - Saturday 16th August 2014

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Bracknell BFG 40k "Escalation" - Saturday 16th August 2014

Post by caesar2_slattery » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:26 pm

I know several at Sad Mupppets enjoy Bracknell Forest Gamers "Escalation" annual 40k tournament, so here are details:
(Next "Sad Muppets" tournaments are Warhammer WFB "Regarding Retribution" Sat 08th November 2014 at Aldershot,
then 40k "ASMOH" in spring 2015)

Saturday 16th August 2014, just £10 per person

Bracknell Forest Gamers annual 40k "Escalation" tournament - add 500pts to your previous Army List for each of 4 games using 40k 7th Edition.
(1 game at each of 500pts, 1000pts, 1500pts, 2000pts, including everything from your previous game in your next Army with just 500pts added)
More details in the "Escalation rules pack.pdf" - on Facebook or else email or email

"Escalation" 2014 is at BattleUX at:
The Battle of Britain Club
Hillingdon Road
UB10 0RY

Its on the A4020 Hillingdon Road opposite the Junction with The Greenway. ... CAYQ_AUoAQ

More info is on Facebook, on the Bracknell Forest Gamers Facebook page.
or email is in the rules pack.


Mark Dell
Bracknell Forest Gamers


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