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Re: 7tv scifi campaign

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:53 pm
by poi
How often? Fortnightly or monthly are both fine.
Not bothered on type of campaign.
Refresher would be good.
Prize? Doesn't matter, I wouldn't win one, except maybe the spoon.

My cast will Future Freedom Fighters, but if need be I can be evil, and bring Federated Security, to help balance the sides.

Re: 7tv scifi campaign

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:44 pm
by Spurious
I can play frequently. I might even make the minimum 10 games for the league by the end of the year that way.
How about every 2nd or 3rd mission being a narrative one? Just to complicate things and make your job harder of course. :twisted:
And my cast will be the somewhat villainous (or just surprisingly uncaring about collateral damage) K Battalion.

And in case people want to follow my example of messing with the rules for the sake of character, are there any obvious limitations that should be adhered to (limits on defence, armament...) or shall we just throw our cast lists at you to be vetted?

Re: 7tv scifi campaign

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:24 pm
by Chilledenuff
Happy to review casts. Nothing above defence 6, although if you can make a strong enough case I may let you (as Stu is using the Hulk possibly) perhaps I'll sat no def values above 4 for starting casts. Feel free to deliberate :)

Re: 7tv scifi campaign

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:48 am
by Chilledenuff
I need numbers and what casts please. Then I can confirm the first scenario (with fluff!) Date will be the 4th of November. I have 2 casts written, one heroic, one villainous. I shall choose which I'm using when I see what others have. Please confirm if I've listed you below and whether you are taking part..

Stu: The Avengers (heroic)
Kelso: K Battalion (villainous)
Poi: Blakes seven (heroic/villianous tbc)
Iain: Star Trek (heroic)
Paul Jenkins:Star Wars (heroic/villiainous)
Martin: ? (?)
Me: space 1999 (heroic) or Doctor Vink Ellburry and his monster hordes (evil)
Carl Sinclair: ? (?)
Anyone else?

To keep it easy the only event and gadget cards will be the ones from the 7tv big red book. All starting casts should be 250 ratings. The first game will be 100 ratings to get everyone up to speed. When creating casts no model should have a def or str above 5 unless it has been agreed with me. I strongly advise that you try and keep your cast able to face all possibilities. High strength and defense for everyone could be detrimental in some scenarios (I'm a devious one sometimes :) Intelligence and morale WILL be a prerequisite for at least one scenario so I'd make sure they are kept up there.

The summer special campaign rules take effect but with caps on defence and strentgh (umming and aahing on what level at the moment). We will be using the Cinematic Recovery rules (good news for Carl!)

When generating your cast use the rules from the big red book with the defense and strength stipulation I've already mentioned. I'm well aware that in some of the casts there are models that will break this (the Hulk springs to mind)

The following special effects are available to everyone (as they are part of the Blakes Seven Rules):

Nemesis (model) (Traits)
This cast member has a long standing hatred of the listed person. All failed rolls to hit and damage against this model can
be rerolled. Choose the model to be the nemesis at the start of the game. Should you face the same opponent later in the campaign, your nemesis has to be the same model

Open Lock (Knowledge)
By using a special action adjacent to a locked door, control panel etc., the cast member with this special effect can gain
access by making an Int test. There is a +1 modifier to the die roll if a Toolkit is used.

Psychic (Unexplained)
Shamanism and unguessable alien powers are still part of life in the remoter parts of the Federation. There are also entire
races, such as the Auronar, who are Telepathic. In addition to the standard free reroll once per turn, only Psychic cast
members may choose the following special effects:

Mental Barrier • Mind Blast • Telekenesis • Telepathy

Psychic cast members can only use one of the above effects each turn.

Mental Barrier (Unexplained)
The psychic can project a short range barrier of mental energy by using a special action. The psychic and up to 3 models
in base contact gain the Force Field (4+) special effect for the remainder of the turn. Models can gain the benefit of only
one Mental Barrier at any one time. Multiple Force Fields do not stack – use the best one. Any Force Field rolls gained by
this special effect which roll a 1 have exhausted the psychic – they cannot use this special effect again for the remainder of
the episode.

The following tweaks to the weapons table apply:

tweak the weapons table accordingly. My thinking at the moment is to:

move Alien Rifle and Alien Pistol to the Military Weapons table, losing high-tech but also gaining stun* (*denotes special action to set weapon to stun)
Giving matchlock pistol, musket, pistol, rifle, shotgun, smg, high calibre pistol & high calibre rifle the primitive trait (reducing the ratings cost of each by 1)
Adding a laser pistol at 2 ratings (as pistol but laser) to Basic Weapons
Adding a laser rifle at 4 ratings (as rifle but laser) as Basic Weapons
Add laser sword (s4, melee, high tech, high calibre 10 ratings) to advanced weapons

This should be enough for people to get on with, the first scenario shall appear in the next 7 days. After the first game, expect 3 weeks between games. A total of x games where x = all the participants. That means we all play each other once and the special free for all scenario (more details on that closer to the time)

Re: 7tv scifi campaign

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:25 am
by Chilledenuff
Sorry everyone, the start date has been put back to the 11th