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Game of WFB on the 13th of May?

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 6:10 pm
by Rab

The New Wood Elves are eager for their second outing...

2400 points of 'glass hammer' awaits your challenge.


Re: Game of WFB on the 13th of May?

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 10:39 am
by Psiclops
I'll play you.


Re: Game of WFB on the 13th of May?

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 12:03 pm
by Rab
ok, see you on Tuesday.

Battle Report

Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 7:55 pm
by Rab
ok, so second game with the new wood elves..against James and his VC.

I think I made some mistakes on Deployment and ended up with my way watchers in charge distance of his Dogs too early, this was of course traded off with the Waywatchers inflicting a bag of hurt on his Black Knight unit. I Need to try and learn weigh up the tradeoff in terms of points and impact on the next turns, and have a little more of a plan to deal with fast moving chaff.

I tweaked my list a little after the game with Richard last week. Dropped the Glade Lord, Smaller Wild Rider units, a waystalker, and a Lvl 2 wizard on death with the moonstone, and 2 small units of Wardancers.

Did the changes work? I think The addition of another caster made a big difference, I was just wasting power dice in the last game. Having a death wizard who can move freely and teleport from forest to forest is useful and I liked that combo, it wasn't particularly effective in this game but I could deinitely see the potential.

The Waystalker with Bow of Loren I liked, and I think that 2 sniper, no AS shots at BS7 could come in very useful. Poor deployment meant he didn't have too much impact on the game..but again lots of potential.

I am undecided on the smaller units of Wild Riders...yes, they are less points, and don't lose too much in the way of hitting power because of only 1 attack from the rear rank,but I felt it meant that when they did reach combat they were whittled down a little...which didn't happen with the bigger units.

The small units of war dancers turned out to be great. A small unit that can deal with weak with multi rank chaff, and ASF, I6, WS6, 2A killing blow models are brilliant character killers. I had a unit of 6 take out a Vampire Lord, then survived 2 rounds of combat to take out the Vampire BSB. True, James rolled slightly below average in his attacks...but that's a massive points gain even if the unit hadn't survived the game ( which it did! )

I would like to work in a Shadowdancer somewhere...but I am not sure what I would drop.

I am really liking my Glade Guard build of 18 with -3 AS, and 10 with no penalties to shoot ( which is amazingly flexible and great at finishing off units) and unit of 5 deepwood scouts with poison.

The big block of Archers with -3AS works amazingly well with Hand Of Glory ( especially when deployed in a forest for that extra rank of shooting! )