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40k 18th March - ASMOH practice?

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:04 pm
by caesar2_slattery
Anyone like a Tuesday 40k game?
[too late for either 500pts or 1000pts before Bracknell "Winds of War" (40k "Combat Patrol" format) on 15th March,
("Winds of War" rules pack is now on Facebook (Bracknell Forest Gamers group) Events)]

or AFTER 11 March, 1250pts or 1750pts regular 40k before Sad Muppets "ASMOH" on 17 May 2014 (rules pack now on SMS website) ?

If you'd like a game, let me know points total you'd prefer and which Tuesday evening.
Caesar (wooden spoon, Muppet League 2013)