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Our heroes ( or the rebel scum )

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:03 pm
by porrter
Diala Passil (Jedi padawan)
Stuff : Plasteel staff, Shu Yen's lightsaber, balanced hilt,
Skills: Force adept, defensive stance,
Unspent XP: 3

Jyn Odan (smuggler)
Stuff: vintage blaster, 434 "deathhammer", marksman barrel,
Skills: peacemaker, get cocky, gunslinger,
Unspent XP: 0

Mak Eshka'rey (renegade)
Stuff: longblaster, tactical display,
Skills: supply network, execute, target acquired, disengage,
Unspent XP: 0

Gaarkhan (wookie)
Stuff: vibro-ax, BD-1 vibro-ax, extended haft,
Skills: wookiee loyalty, wookiee fortitude, staggering blow,
Unspent XP:3

Unspent credits: 0

Imperial overlord
Stuff: cloaking device, experimental arms, technical support, superior augments,
Unspent xp: 0
Influence cards: internal affairs, ?????,
Unspent Xp: 1